January 21, 2021

The Future of Harmony

Our Future

The future of Harmony is a constant and ever changing vision of mine. I can see the company trending up but am impatient for doing more. The pure joy I get while designing and developing a web solution for my clients is something I wake up and look forward to each and every day. But getting to full-time has been challenging so far, and will continue to be a struggle until we break through that barrier. Luckily I have a great support system around me that is helping me push through to what I know this company can be. This is why the future is ever changing. My vision for Harmony is an ecosystem of support for small to medium sized businesses who are looking to expand or improve digitally, but simply do not have the time to do so. A one stop shop of everything digital that their business could potentially need. I know it will take time, effort, and sleepless nights of grinding. But, I know that what we offer here at Harmony is a quality product with quality customer service that rivals any web service company out there.

Looking forward, Harmony will find its permanent home in Florida within the next few month where an office space will be secured and more aggressive marketing will occur to potentially land more and bigger clients to further expand our portfolio and experience. Hiring more employees by the end of the year is the ultimate goal which will help expand the company and allow for more work to be taken on. Cheers 2021.

First Client - A Frayed Knot

Harmony has had its early successes so far that we have celebrated. Our first two clients have been completed with a third potentially in the wings. This process is ever growing and changing and between each client it has been a different experience. Both have been great experiences but the process that I envision for Harmony can always improve to offer clarity on the progress and to include clients in the process. The first of the two clients was A Frayed Knot. An Etsy boutique that was looking to get their own storefront that displayed their own brand and products in a trendy way. This project was not only the first project for Harmony but also the first e-Commerce project as well. It was a tall order to push through and learn at the same time. Designing and developing while staying true to the vision of the client was a constant back and forth struggle that ultimately paid off in the end. Learning and improving every step of the way and optimizing as I went was the goal. The final product turned out spectacular and the client is absolutely thrilled with what they have been handed off.

A Frayed Knot

Second Client - All State Asphalt

The second client came shortly after development for the first wrapped up. This was a straight forward design for a small asphalt business located in WI. I didn't want to just put together a cookie cutter website and call it quits. I tested myself with a challenging color palette and displaying the information in an interesting way, which is very important in web design. The idea was to grab the attention of potential clients of their site quickly with bold colors and well placed information and pictures. In the end I believe the website turned out terrific and they are super happy with how it looks.

All State Asphalt


At the end of the day Harmony is only 4 months old and just barely getting started and we have already seen massive success considering. This gives me hope but makes me hungry for more. I look forward to the next project, meeting more people, and seeing their faces light up with another successful project. If you or anyone you know is looking for a site of any shape or size, reach out and lets see what Harmony can do for you!

Tyler Bunker
Founder and Lead Developer

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