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Our SEO Experts will produce measurable increases in your organic traffic and SERP rankings.

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Guaranteed SEO Results From Local Semrush Experts

Our SEO Experts conduct in depth research on keywords relevant to your site.
We use that data to target keywords that will generate quality organic traffic. We will also leverage the strength of quality on-page content, off-page content, and local citations.

Targeted keyword research

We do in-depth keyword research to determine the best way to generate organic traffic for your site.

  • Target content to capture organic searchers

  • Target real keywords your potential clients are searching for

  • Analyze search competitors to see what is working

Google Business is king

We optimize your GMB page to properly utilize keywords and other elements. This helps to increase your ranking in the local Google map pack and reach more potential clients.

  • Review assistance

  • Local citations

  • Organic search optimizations

On-site optimizations

We do an in-depth analysis of your
on-page content and optimize it to increase your hidden ranking factors. All of this generates quality organic traffic.

  • Increases crawlability

  • Clean-up copy on site

  • Optimize content to utilize finding from keyword research

Our SEO Process

Our SEO projects follow a timeline to consistently produce and publish targeted content to boost your sites organic traffic.

SEO Pre-Launch
1. Site Health

During our pre-launch stage we will audit your sites health and benchmark your website to establish a base for our SEO campaign. This will give us an idea of the issues we need to fix over time to give your site an instant boost.

2. Keywords and Competition

We will then perform our keyword research and competitor analysis to see what is working and what isn't working in your niche. This will give us a head start to your campaign and provide results faster!

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Picture of CEO of harmony, Tyler

“SEO is the most natural way to increase traffic to your website. PPC campaigns and Ads work fine but it is all temporary traffic. Once they end so does the traffic. SEO traffic stays and grows consistently!”

- Tyler, Founder and CEO of Harmony

3. Google My Business

A well optimized Google Business posting is the backbone of your businesses presence on Google. We will help optimize and provide content to boost your Google Business posting.

4. Content

Throughout your SEO campaign we provide content on a schedule. We do this through blogs, service pages, and/or new landing pages. This allows us to directly and effectively target more keywords.

5. Link Building

Link building takes time and research but it is the heart of an SEO campaign. We will make sure we are providing high quality backlinks from high authority domains that will boost your site even further!

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“Organic search growth comes from a well optimized website and Google Business Posting. That in conjunction with well optimized on site content that targets specific keywords will make your website rise to the top of Google”

- Brett, SEO Lead of Harmony

6. Monthly Reports

We pride ourselves on our hard work and the results we gain for our clients. So we like to send monthly reports on what we have done for the month and our plans for the following month.

Transparency is the biggest factor for trust!

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Simple SEO Packages

All of our SEO packages are designed to maximize the money you invest into improving your rankings organically on Google.


For small local businesses.
Google My Business
1 Weekly GMB Post
Google Review Assistance
100 Local Citations (One-time)
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Small to medium businesses.
Google My Business
2 Weekly GMB Posts
Google Review Assistance
100 Local Citations (One-time)
On Site SEO
Full Website Audit
Site Optimization
Content Strategy
1 Monthly Blog Post
Off Site SEO
Quarterly Guest Posts
Monthly Video Report
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Medium to Large businesses.
Google My Business
Initial Optimization
3 Weekly GMB Posts
Google Review Assistance
100 Local Citations (One-time)
On Site SEO
Website Audit
Content Strategy
Site Optimization
2 Monthly Blog Post
Off Site SEO
Monthly Guest Posts
Monthly Video Report
Get Started
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